Dear student, we'll show you an easy and fun, as well as educational and interesting about HALLOWEEN, their customs, myths, vestries and objects associated with this celebration, to be in the ability to create your own terror story and dramatize it.

We invite you to put your imagination to fly, so you can win a fabulous prize, which was awarded to the best story.


On every page you'll find, at the bottom, a sequential menu that will carry you each of the paragraphs of this activity. You must follow them in the same order in which they appear, but anytime you can go to other sections of the WebQuest.

First, on the link "Task" it will explain you what you need to do specifically. In "Process" have guidelines, step by step, how to be organized and what are the issues that you have to investigate. In addition, on the link “Resource” you will find various teaching aids, to help you in realizing of the work, such as: reading, videos, pictures and WebPages. In "Evaluation" will explain you what are the aspects that will be taken into account when the rating. And in "Conclusions" we have a final thought about this WebQuest.